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Client Testimonials

I felt like losing significant weight was just not an obtainable goal. I am excited and optimistic about being able to maintain my weight-loss long term now. This program really works! Thank you to Dr. Vaziri and his wonderful caring staff, I’m so grateful to have found you!

-Lost 70 lbs

I feel healthier, my clothes fit better, and the most important thing is that all of my blood tests are back to the normal range….as if I was 21 years old! I was able to work my projects with energy and without feeling hungry and tired. Thank you Dr. Vaziri and your amazing coaching team. I’m so happy with the protocol!

-Lost 47 lbs

Being an overweight young adult was disastrous for my physical and emotional health. After losing weight, I gained confidence in myself, a new view on healthy eating, and the power of knowing that anything is possible when you simply apply yourself. The diet changed my life for the better and I am forever in gratitude to Dr. Vaziri and his wonderful staff.

-Lost 50 lbs

I felt like my body was getting old. I had never really been on a formal diet. It was so much more simple than I thought. I never felt hungry or low energy. I’ve kept the weight off since 2013! I go in a couple of times a year for a metabolic reset so my weight doesn't get out of control. Dr. Vaziri, thank you for saving my life!

-Lost 30 lbs