Lack of nervous system integrity sets the stage for disease and ill-health. Over 80% of Americans report experiencing back pain and discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments reduce subluxations thereby restoring normal function to the spine and joints and encouraging the healing process. A subluxation is the result of spinal bones with improper motion or position affecting nerve communications between your brain and your body.

Depending on the nature of your condition, either force or non-force adjustive techniques may be utilized. Dr. Vaziri is among a small handful of practitioners in Southern California offering the PulStar adjustive technology. What does that mean for you? This technique allows for objective pain-free adjustments without the twisting, popping, and cracking of traditional chiropractic methods. The PulStar technology can effectively treat pain from musculoskeletal misalignments anywhere on the body— not just in the back!


Exercising is good for you, but injuries can and do happen when participating in sports or exercising. Some people get hurt because they are not in shape. Not warming up or stretching enough can also lead to injuries. Common treatments for sports injuries include conservative therapy: rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE), and pain medication. Overuse conditions (common in many sports) often respond to conservative therapy. Surgery is commonly required for severed or torn tendons and ligaments. If severe injury to tendons and ligaments occurs, surgery is much more likely to be necessary.


We also specialize in treating personal injury patients. We pride ourselves in managing these cases from a medical-legal perspective. Our treatment goal is to return the patient back to the work environment as quickly as possible. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, we at Dr. V Weight & Pain Management ensure that you will receive the best treatment.


The application of a variety of physiotherapy modalities, such as low level laser, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, massage or traction may be used depending on your condition and stage of healing. These modalities are used to encourage the healing process.

Our Mission

We are helping thousands of people lose weight and live healthier and happier through personalized weight loss services and wellness programs. Now more than ever we need to take extra precautions to protect our health. This makes our commitment to supporting and guiding you on a journey to a healthier weight and overall well-being even more valuable. We are proud to offer you a proven program based on real science and real results, with a variety of options to best suit your health and wellness goals. LOOK better, FEEL better, LIVE better!

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Client Testimonials

I felt like losing significant weight was just not an obtainable goal. I am excited and optimistic about being able to maintain my weight loss long term. This program really works! Thank you to Dr. Vaziri and his wonderful caring, staff. I’m so grateful to have found you!

-Lost 70 lbs

I feel healthier, my clothes fit better, and the most important thing is that all of my blood tests are back to the normal range….as if I was 21 years old! I was able to work my projects with energy and without feeling hungry and tired. Thank you Dr. Vaziri and your amazing coaching team. I’m so happy with the protocol!

-Lost 47 lbs

Being an overweight young adult was disastrous for my physical and emotional health. After losing weight, I gained confidence in myself, a new view on healthy eating, and the power of knowing that anything is possible when you simply apply yourself. The diet changed my life for the better and I am forever in gratitude to Dr. Vaziri and his wonderful staff.

-Lost 50 lbs

I felt like my body was getting old. I had never really been on a formal diet. It was so much more simple than I thought. I never felt hungry or low energy. I’ve kept the weight off since 2013! I go in a couple of times a year for a metabolic reset so my weight doesn't get out of control. Dr. Vaziri, thank you for saving my life!

-Lost 30 lbs